Children Embracing in Circle

Real Life Learning

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In our exciting environment children take control of their own lives and learning. They take part in the democratic process and acquire the confidence to tackle life's challenges

in their own unique way.


Explore the world guided by personal choice

Children Heaping Hands


Real life decision making in the day to day operations for the school

Children coloring


For personal actions, learning and the community

Children Embracing in Circle


Inclusive and equitable environment

Children's Race

"Imagination is the source of all human achievement" 

-Sir Ken Robinson-





Our Six Areas for Optimal Learning

Our community of learners have the right to decide How, What, When, Where and With Whom they learn. They can choose courses or classes run by others, teach a class themselves or choose to pursue their own interests.


We provide space for children to explore and define their own interests. Learning is not divided into 'blocks' of time. Learners have as much time as they need to become immersed in their interests.

 Time to Explore

Learners and staff members vote on aspects of the school’s operation, from budgeting to rules. We learn first hand what it means to live in a working democracy, with all the freedom and responsibility it entails.


We believe that children who are able to interact with each other across ages learn more about what it is to be a member of a community than when we  segregate by age.

Age Mixing

Peace & Justice

The Peace and Justice Committee meets to solve disputes or rule infringements. The committee comprises of learners and staff members. They talk through issues and come to agreements which may include mediation or a consequence to help them understand community norms.

Our campus comprises of learning zones in the main building as well as outdoor forest areas for learners to explore. Outdoor learning

areas also utilize the surrounding space.

Dynamic Campus


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