Enroll in The Learning Project

        Are you and your child ready to take the next step towards freedom in education?

Admissions Process


School Tour with Family

Come and tour our campus and meet our community. One of our staff members or a student will show you around and answer any questions you might have.


Orientation Meeting

This meeting is designed for the school and the family to get to know each other better. Students and their guardians will be prepared for what to expect during their first week at The Learning Project


Visiting Week

During visiting Week, learners are fully immersed in The Learning Project for a  5 day experience. They interact as a full member of the community.


Follow up Meeting


At the end of your Visiting Week, you will sit down with staff members to discuss the experience. We want to hear the highs and lows of the week from both the learners and parent perspectives. If you choose to pursue enrollment, we will walk you through all the necessary steps.


Full Enrollment

Complete the registration form and  enrollment packet  and you are part of the Learning Project Community!

Ready to arrange a visit?