Our Six Areas for Optimal Learning


Unlike traditional schools where the curriculum is designed by teachers, administrators or government officials, we believe that in order to trust children, they need to decide what, where, when and with whom they learn. Classes are offered when the learners show interest in a particular field of study. The curriculum is only limited by the imagination of the learner. We don't see adults as the only ones who teach; many classes are offered by the children themselves.


Like adults in the greater community, Learning Project children each have a vote. When kids use their vote, they learn how to make decisions that affect their lives. In our weekly School Meeting, students have the opportunity to democratically create rules and policies that affect the entire school. From developing a budget, to choosing the new equipment, to creating rules to enforce safety, students' voices are always front and center.

Age Mixing

Learners mix freely across ages and learn from each other. Some schools decide that children should be divided up by age. At The Learning Project, like in the adult world, we do not divide children by age.

Time To Explore

We know that humans learn best when they have time to explore and focus on areas of interest without interruption. In our environment, there are no bells to define the day. Learners can sign up for classes or choose to explore the world around them, read, study and talk.  They are responsible for organising how they spend their time.  


Learners, with staff members, vote on all the rules at The Learning Project. Should rules be broken, a community member may appear in front of The Peace and Justice Committee. This Committee is comprised of children and a staff member. The committee talks through the issue and can offer a warning, mediation or a consequence. Throughout the year, each learner is needed to be part of the PJC, much like during service. Because rules are proposed and voted on by the community members, they are more invested in carrying them out.


Our campus is nestled next to a pine tree forest in the outskirts of Santa Eulalia and only a stone’s throw away from the municipal sports facilities. Each area in the school is divided into a 'Learning Zone' where children can be inspired. The 300m2 building has a number of large rooms and is situated on a completely fenced plot of approximately 1200m2 area, with plenty of outside space for children to play and explore. Additionally, we have 10,000m2 of forest for our exclusive use so that the children can safely explore.