Self-Directed Education

Learners in a  self-directed environment are trusted to take responsibility for their own learning. The curriculum can be described as only being limited by the imagination of the child. They choose courses or activities they are interested in and can also teach or organize activities for the school community themselves. This approach has shown, for more than 100 years in schools across the world, to prepare children for a world that is ever changing.


The staff members at The Learning Project are there to support. They are the adult members of the school community. They bring to the community their experiences, wisdom, and long term commitment to community and the learners. Staff members do teach classes, if the learners request them, but they do not generally call themselves teachers since all members of the community offer experience and expertise which they can share. There is a recognition that the children learn at least as much from one another - playing, exploring, socializing, and working together - as they do from adults.